Minneapolis: BIG Things POPPIN!

19 02 2011

Reflecting on today….***sighs….  If you only knew how amazing some of my days can be!

I was humbled and honored to have a great role in an incredible event friends!  Today would you believe all roads led me to a swanky “invite only” event held at the amazing headquarters of one of my hometown’s most sparkling gems, Best Buy Corporate Headquarters!

This place attracts some major music industry artists to Minnesota, it is a traditional trip for breaking artists to come to Best Buy to perform and sign the big deals that place their music in Best Buy stores everywhere….ya betta ask about BB.  🙂  The place is DOPENESS!   Just look at Justin Bieber at Best Buy Minnesota!

…heard Lil Wayne was there a few weeks ago with Baby giving away mini ipods filled with his entire catalog! Read the rest of this entry »