8 12 2010

In Minneapolis News, WHY?  A Minneapolis great has ……well…..you can see for yourself.  I told him I needed to be his PR along time ago.  He needs to FIRE who ever told him it was okay to do this …….mmmmkay?  THEY DON’T LOVE RL!  I would of NEVER let this happen!  We love you RL….


Happy Holidays! WTF!? Young Rapists Minneapolis?

27 11 2010

They climbin’ in your windows
They snatchin’ your people up
tryna rape em so y’all need to
hide yo kids, hide yo wife
hide yo kids, hide yo wife
hide yo kids, hide yo wife
and hide yo husband
cuz they rapin’ errybody out here!

In South Minneapolis News:  3 teens arrested in 3 Powderhorn-area rapes


Masks at Powderhorn Park, Minneapolis

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Disco T V. T’s Place

20 11 2010

In South Minneapolis News….Long-time Veteran Dj, Disco T, recently picketed T’s Place (they obviously do not know how much clout Disco has…I know I won’t support T’s Place until Disco let’s us know what’s up) carrying signs that read: Read the rest of this entry »