Kandiapolis 2.0 #1 January 2011

8 12 2010

Happy Holidays Twin Cities!  Your favorite “Trendsetter Treat” is back!

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With the New Year approaching, things aren’t right in my city. In less than four-years this city has taken a turn for the worse.  I know the recession hit us hard, but who is getting this stimulus money (email me names) and what are they doing with it?  I sure want to know.

BTW, where did all of our businesses go?  When I left, it seemed as if we were teetering on the verge of actually obtaining economic clout here…..

…….now it just seems we are just “down and out”.

Twin Cities, is this is really just a working class town where opportunities for enterprise are “blocked” and people of color can only participate as consumers and end users?  I refuse to believe that Twin Cities.

I see “fake” leaders in positions of leadership (many of whom are not even from here or own property here) running some of our most beloved institutions (to the ground, I must add) and no one in the community seems to be speaking up and if they do, they are ostracized as a “hater” or a “trouble maker”?

People, haters hate for no reason.  Being a responsible and concerned defender of the community (you love) and asking questions about suspected B.S. does not make anyone a hater.  So speak up.  Minneapolis is well-known, world-wide for our spirit of activism.  Political dissent is patriotic and right now our politics leave alot to question.

With that being said, is it true our local chapters of the NAACP and the Urban League have become nothing more than “potluck” organizers?  What happened? (this is only a question by a concerned citizen).

I sure hope the young kids in the city are watching all of this and are being properly groomed to lead with integrity.   Let’s just make sure the right people are grooming them.  We need to make the crooked roads straight in 2011 OR the same crooks just extend their reign. Where are our Youth Leadership programs?

The City Blotter

In North Minneapolis news: People…..you can’t “save” North Minneapolis.  The City has been planning on revamping North Minneapolis for years.  The best thing to do is to find out how to open a business there so when it changes we can collectively benefit.  Big ups to 50 Tyson, looks like he will be on 106th & Park soon enough!  However is there a conscious urban poet (a.k.a. rapper) in North Minneapolis who can really raise the important issues? There are some great ones on the Southside.

In South Minneapolis (Uptown) news: R.I.P. Eyedea have you actually taken time to read his lyrics?  Big ups to Rhymesayers.com. Bloomington Minnesota can boast one of the hottest “under the radar” artists of the year, named MOD SUN (short for Modern Sunshine).  Google him.

In St. Paul news: Have you checked out Danami?  I recently attended his video shoot and the kid inspires me. www.danamionline.com

Have you checked out the West End Mall in St. Louis Park?  It is definitely my new favorite destination.  Will be yours also.

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