15 01 2011

YES! 2011 is about cleaning up OUR city!

From Jerry McAfee:

“My brothers and sisters I regretfully share with you, that I cannot support the council on Black Minnesotans Martin Luther King Program this Monday, The Board has to go, for they do not represent the masses ……….This has nothing to do with Robin for she is an awesome person!

I RESPECT that!  Now I know there are some more local organizations that need to be rightfully exposed (kandiapolis@live.com) for what they are…..INEFFECTIVE in helping the community they are receiving GRANT money to aid.  COME ON Twin Citians!

Here is some of my favorite J. Mac work:


Excerpt from upcoming Kandi-apolis  column:

“Now let’s get down to business.  People can we get one thing straight? Haters, “hate” for no reason.  Being a responsible and concerned defender of the community (you love) and asking questions about suspected B.S. and shadiness does not make anyone a hater.  So speak up!  The Twin Cities has a national reputation for our “activist” minded citizens, let’s really step it up in 2011.”